V4R vs V4 ride comparison

Nov 2016
I currently have a V4S and on some days randomly throughout the day I get a feeling of regret of not buying the V4R. I track occasionally but my bike is used mostly on the street for weekend rides.

I know the R was purpose built for the track and WSBK, but from R owners, what are your opinions of someone owning this bike and being used primarily on the weekends vs an S model?
Apr 2012
Irvine, CA
The V4S is a better street bike. The extra torque and wet clutch are much better for real life and the wings are not something you will notice on street. Setup properly the V4R turns a little better and has a better compression side of the fork which is needed because of the downforce provided by the wings.
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Sep 2019
I would say, it depends on you.

The engine on the R is more than capable on the road, and the suspension can be adjusted accordingly.

You could argue, that both bikes are way to good (fast?) for the road. So, why have either? There's another reason, beyond the bikes performance. It's your feeling toward the bike. So, if, in your heart, you want the R, get the R.
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Nov 2013
Bay Area
I have both a speciale and a v4r and concur with what’s been said above. The S is a very capable street bike. Love the extra torque. it’s way overkill for 99% of road riding so you won’t be missing anything going that route. However I’ve been really surprised at how well behaved and compliant the R is on the street. I’d be more than comfortable putting lots of street miles on it. If it only ever saw the street and no track time I think it would be a shame because it is so so good on track but it’ll do it no problem.
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Jul 2019
@TsaiCo, for racing I have switched to Dunlop b/c of MotoAmerica BUT I prefer Pirelli and run them on all my other bikes.

I will likely switch back when the new WSBK 125/70 and 200/65 tires are readily available.
Will update you when I can with that news!

Looking forward to Meet you at trackside.

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Jun 2019
They are cheap cheap cheap these days with famous ducati depreciation.

Personally if I was looking for another bike I would buy the 1299FE in the classifieds right now. Crazy deal for the bike and the money put into it.

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