What are everyones thoughts on the 'NEW' 2020 V4's

Jul 2019
Well I rode the new 2020 in a demo ride and I must say the re-gearing of 1-2-3 was a solid improvement. At least in my particular ride, I felt less like the bike was kicking me in the ass when shifting up than on my Corse. It felt smoother even in Race mode. Also, the cylinder deactivation that occurs must really work because my nuts were not toasty throughout the entire ride. Even swapping over to the V2 with my buddy who rode the V4 S after me said the same thing. Can't say the same for the V2 though, TOASTY!

Either way, I didn't know how they would be able to improve on the 2020 bikes, but I can say the ride was much improved and you aren't going to lose any further teeth on bumps on the 2020s.
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