Which Ducati V4 do you plan on purchasing?

Which Ducati V4 do you plan on buying?

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Oct 2017
DC Swamp
I have a GT350 Shelby and that’s loud enough for me. Loud pipes tend to draw cops attention. I had a 911 with full on aftermarket headers, cats and exhaust...it was a cop magnet. The fuckers would tailgate me for miles. Don’t want that anymore. I’m a bit torn between getting the V4 or another 1299S, been reading the comparison threads. I had a bad back and shoulder and needed months of PT to get over a muscle strain....that I did while working on the 911....so I sold the 1299S....but my therapist got me all fixed up and I need another Ducati.
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Dec 2019
USA: Philly Pa & Venice FL
DCPani you’re right on, def like having exhaust on cars with a valve. It’s ez enough to disappear on my 1299 tho