Will the K&L MC620 lifting arm kit work with a 1299

Feb 2016
Long Island
I ordered the K&L MC500R hydraulic lift along with MC10R deluxe wheel clamp, retractable wheels and nose wheel lift dolly today. I was going to wait till end of May or beginning of June to buy but I got a really good price today (ordered it at 430pm friday and its 209am Sat now) so I decided to get it early. I saw that K&L makes the MC620 lifting arm kit. Does anyone know if it will work with a Ducati 1299? I was looking at my bike to see where the inserts would fit into. And I saw two holes on either of the side of the bike. Attached is a pic of my bike and I circled the hole on the right and the same one is on the left. I know that the lower fairings cover a portion of those holes. But I have a Bursig lift stand and in order to allow it to work I had to cut a half moon shape on the left lower fairing in order for the lower insert of the Bursig plate to fit into that hole. Im thinking if I cut a half moon shape on the right side as well this would then let both lifting arms to fit. Im just not sure whether those arms can go down low enough to fit into those holes. I know the MC620 unit will work with my BMW S1000R and S1000RR as well most other bikes like Aprilias , Yamahas, Kawasakis, Hondas and other sport and naked bikes as long as they have those holes on the sides of the frame. I have a lot of friends that bring their bikes over and we wrench on them. So having this unit would be pretty cool. But even cooler if it worked on my 1299 and maybe even a future Panigale V4 or Street Fighter V4. If anyone has any info Id appreciate your input. Here is a video of the MC620 lifting arm kit. You have to buy the base, the arms and the inserts in order for it to work.