Worth buying or wait?

Apr 2018
There’s one 2020 V4 S in stock at Ducati Sanford. I’m going to see it this week. I’m so in love with the updated looks. To me it’s worth an extra $4k for the updated “V4R” styling just like it’s worth it to some people to have the $6,000+ racing exhaust fitted.
The bikes seem pretty sorted out at this point so yeah it’s time to buy!

I thought the 2020 models would be available in April but here they come

I was there yesterday and its there. Great guys.
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Dec 2019
USA: Philly Pa & Venice FL
Dude, take it for a test drive if the weather is good enough. It might be like all my friends said when the 2020 S1000RR first launched months ago “I’d you ride it, you’ll buy it”

my 1299 is still a big thrill to me but I can’t wait to test drive a V4
Jan 2013

here’s another, $24K in Tampa Florida
Yeah I bought a 16R from them. Good people.
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