DDA+ and GPS

Jul 2019
Is it possible to plug two devices in? Is there an adapter?
Do you mean 2 Misc devices a/o 2 DDA+ USB sticks in 1 bike?

Nope. not more than 1 DDA ‘device’ (only!) physically connected and paired/ registered by dealership as well.
DDA+ USB stick connects to the same under the seat CANBUS connector the Ducati Diagnosis System (DDS?) from dealership is connected to when serviced for updates/ checking faultcodes.

Via Bluetooth DMS module wireless upto 5 devices for Music, Calls, Messages and Linkapp data only.
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Dec 2019
No. The format is proprietary and copyrighted. What we can eventually do is to give the ability to convert the files in text format (CSV or something else).
I am waiting ever so patiently for this - I am happy with everything else to do with the DDA. Perhaps brake pressure would be a good channel too but not essential.
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